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March 3, 2022 | Posted by: Naveen M

Customer service requires ongoing investment as your business grows and more customers come your way.

The support you offer to your customers post-sales is crucial for retention and brand loyalty.

Studies show that 89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience.

Today, big e-commerce companies are successfully continuing their business because of the quick and easy post-sales support they offer to their customers.

In this blog, we are going to look at the need for customer self-service, the problem with helpdesks like Zendesk, and what makes RoundView a better alternative to Zendesk.

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The Need For Customer Self-Service

Customers tend to have several questions during purchase. Providing instant answers to their questions will help them make decisions faster.

Studies show that getting instant answers and responses from companies is one of the important things that customers would expect from a website.

However, slow response times have nearly killed a positive customer experience.

Studies show that the response time for email questions is 12 hours and social media is 10 hours.

Live chat has proven to be the fastest customer service channel with an average response time of 2 minutes.

Customers would also like communication with a “human” agent to resolve issues. However, there are multiple problems associated with it.

1. Agents cannot handle multiple customers at the same time

2. High ticket volume

3. High cost-per-interaction

4. The cost involved in hiring and training live agents

5. Managing questions from multiple customer service channels simultaneously

6. Unavailability during non-business hours

7. Low customer service ROI

Thus, the customer resolution journey is not fast as it is projected. Hence, e-commerce companies should move toward automating customer service processes where customers should be able to resolve 70% of their questions/issues through self-service.

Self-service tools like the Zendesk helpdesk offers a solution to automate customer service. However it comes with several drawbacks.

The Problem With The Zendesk

Zendesk is considered a market leader in customer service automation. However, for the last few years, they are sharply criticized for hidden prices and the lack of support in creating helpdesk workflows.

Many of its customers have expressed their frustration in product review sites like G2. Below are a few snippets.

Worst Review
Worst Review
Worst Review

Further, it lacks important features that make the customer resolution journey easier and make the agent’s work faster.

On top of it,

Visitor Tracking and Chatbot

If you are running an ecommerce business, Zendesk is definitely not the customer service tool for you.

RoundView – The Go-To Helpdesk For E-Commerce

RoundView is ideated and designed to fulfill e-commerce customers’ needs. It helps customers in both pre-sales and post-sales. It answers your customers’ common questions on product, shipment, transaction, returns, exchanges, etc., and assists them throughout the journey.

Top Reasons To Choose RoundView

Built For E-commerce: RoundView helpdesk is built specifically to solve e-commerce customers’ needs. If your website offers many products with vastly different features and specifications, it helps customers to select the right products using the product finder feature. Customers will be taken through a series of steps that makes them narrow down their desired product in the right size and specifications to avoid returns, exchanges, and customer dissatisfaction.

Automation: To solve customer issues or complaints, RoundView offers an easy-to-use and highly responsive helpdesk. Within the helpdesk, companies can create workflows for exchanges, returns, payment-related queries, order tracking, changing shipping address, etc. Customers can choose the problem they want to resolve and follow the path designed by the companies and resolve the issues by themselves. If the issue is complex, the helpdesk automatically routes the query to the relevant agent and helps to solve the problem quickly.

Proactive Chat Triggers To Improve Conversions: Proactive chat triggers are widely used by e-commerce companies today to track visitors’ behaviors on the website and use to send automated messages to increase their engagement. For example, if the customer is on the homepage, you can send a message like “What they are looking for?” or showcase the trending products or highlight the ongoing sale. If the customer is on the product page, you can state the available offers. If the customer is on the cart page, you can encourage them to complete the transaction by sending social proof notifications. If your customers abandon the cart items, you can send cart reminder alerts and offer additional discounts to influence them to finish the transaction.

Unlimited Users: Zendesk used to charge per agent and they cap user interaction based on the plans. RoundView allows unlimited user interaction and offers more value. Further, unlike other competitors such as Gorgias, not every customer question is considered as a ticket. The system automatically analyzes the importance of the issue and marks it as a ticket accordingly. Further, the agents get to manage the issues in a single dashboard from all customer service channels like phone, email, SMS, Facebook, etc. It saves their time and effort.

Dedicated Account Manager: One of the biggest complaints of Zendesk is the lack of support in creating customer service workflows. As matter of fact, most of the users moved out of Zendesk primarily due to poor customer service. Quite ironic it is – a customer service tool provider offering poor service for their customers. At RoundView, we take customer support seriously. You will get a dedicated customer success manager who will be your ally from day one. We become a part of your business from day one.

Value For Money Pricing: One of the primary reasons why e-commerce companies are switching to RoundView is because of the value it offers. You get several features at a low price. The features help you to increase your conversion rates as well as enhance your customer service experience. Further, it comes with built-in connectors to integrate with platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce easily. The migration process is also fast and effortless.

Comparison Table: Zendesk vs. RoundView

Learn Why RoundView is the Best Choice for E-Commerce


AI-powered automated answers – Up to 500

Resolve up to 60% of common customer questions

Conversation routing based on agent skill

Intermediate data and file storage



Complex migration process

Real-time, shareable and advanced reporting and analytics
(Available only in Suite Enterprise Plan)

Custom team roles and permissions
(Available only in Suite Enterprise Plan)




per agent/month billed annually


AI-powered automated answers – Up to 750

Resolve up to 70% of common customer questions

Routing to live agent based on sentiment analysis

More advanced data and file storage

Dedicated account manager and customer support agent

One inbox to manage all of your customer support channels

Easy migration from your existing helpdesk

Real-time, shareable and advanced reporting, and analytics

Custom team roles and permissions

Display order details on the right side of the ticket

Bulk changes to tickets can be made

Easy to set up and configure

$99 per month
inclusive of all features

Wrapping up,

Zendesk is a great product with pretty cool features. However, its customer service, complexity in creating workflows, and hidden prices were given poor ratings by several of its customers.

With RoundView, our team will help you from scratch to build the right customer resolution workflows, customized dashboards, and help provide excellent service for your customers.

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