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“The unique thing about RoundView is that it acts as a conversion tool and self-service portal. We see better conversion rates and higher CSAT scores now.”

Jessie, E-commerce Store Owner

4 Key Reasons To Switch To RoundView


Customer Engagement + Customer Support

Improve visitor engagement with proactive chat triggers and offer better customer support with automation.


Increase E-Commerce Sales

Use the product finder tool to recommend products with the right specifications. Send cart abandonment reminders too.


Self-Service and Automation

Automate customer support with self-service and automation. Provide quick service and faster resolution.


All-in-one Inbox

Manage multiple customer service channels in one dashboard. Improve agents’ productivity.




What Makes RoundView No. 1 Tidio Alternative?


Proactive chat triggers to engage visitors

Page based automated conversations

Product finder

Upselling and cross-selling triggers

Self-service helpdesk

Automated resolution for 70% of customer questions

Live chat + agent routing

Order tracking

Automated returns process

Dedicated customer success manager

Unlimited users

Unlimited agents

Connect agents with departments

Macros and rules

Omnichannel handle

billed monthly/annually

















$300 per month
billed annually

Proactive Triggers To Increase Sales

Engage your e-commerce site visitors with proactive triggers. Recommend personalized products. Assist during checkout. Deliver meaningful shopping experience and convert more customers.

Proactive Triggers To Increase Conversions
Proactive Triggers To Increase Conversions

Next-Gen Self-Service and Customer Support Automation

Allow customers to self-serve 70% of questions

Create easy workflows on 70% of common order-related questions and problems. Make customers resolve the issues by themselves and automate your customer support.

Allow customers to self-serve 70% of questions

Offer Faster Returns Management

Allow customers to manage their returns and exchanges easily. Make them select the reason for returning the items and resolve their problem swiftly.

Offer Faster Returns Management

Share Order Status in Seconds

Allow customers to get their order status in seconds using their order number or email address. Keep them updated and assured.

Share Order Status in Seconds

Offer the Convenience of Changing Delivery Address

Offer the convenience of changing the delivery address after placing the order. Allow customers to choose the reason and make them add the new address quickly.

Offer the Convenience of  Changing Delivery Address

Holistic dashboard to understand your customers’ shopping behavior

With RoundView dashboard, you can view your customers’ website/product browsing history, lifetime value, returns, etc., and allow your agents to have personalized conversations with them.

Holistic dashboard to understand your customers’ shopping behavior

Results delivered for our customers:


Reduction in customer support staff hiring


Self-serve customer questions


Faster resolution than phone and email


Increased sales with proactive triggers


Reduced cart abandonment rate with alerts

Effortless Integration

Integrate with your e-commerce site effortlessly

RoundView comes with built-in connectors to integrate with your e-commerce site smoothly. Migrate your existing helpdesk and business processing tools without data loss.

Inbuilt Connectors For E-Commerce Sites

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is RoundView a chatbot or a help desk?

RoundView is a combination of a chatbot, helpdesk, and proactive triggers. Your customers can type in their questions via chatbot and get resolution instantly or go to the personalized dashboard and self-serve their needs by selecting the options.

2. How many questions I can automate via RoundView?

You can automate up to 70% of common post-sales questions such as “where is my order?”, returns, exchanges, claims, etc., reduce ticket volume and save support agents time.

3. What will happen when the chatbot or help desk does not solve the issue?

The question will be automatically routed to the live agents or the concerned team and they can provide instant assistance.

4. Should the customer repeat the question to the agent?

Not needed. RoundView provides a holistic dashboard that offers a single view of the customer with details such as the last query, previously purchased items, total lifetime value, etc.

5. How easy is the integration process?

RoundView comes with built-in connectors for Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and other e-commerce sites. It integrates with your e-commerce stores fast and helps you to migrate your previously used customer service tool data effortlessly.

6. How much does RoundView cost?

RoundView costs $99/month. Customers will get a 30% discount if they purchase the annual plan. RoundView offers more features and customizations and is considered a better alternative to its primary competitors like Zendesk, Intercom, Gorgias, etc.

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