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Why should you choose RoundView over

Reason 1:

RoundView is built exclusively for ECOMMERCE, not has been used across industries but RoundView is built specifically for ecommerce and delivers faster and easier support for customers.

  • Automate answers for 70% of customer question
  • Share order status in a single step
  • Simplify returns and exchange process
Automate answers for 70% of customer question

Reason 2:

Streamline customer support – improve your agents’ productivity

Put your customer support into autopilot mode. Route only the complex questions to the agents. Improve agents’ productivity with an all-in-one inbox and share the entire purchase history of the customers.

  • Route only complex questions to agents
  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Omnichannel handle to boost agent’s productivity
Route only complex questions to agents

Reason 3:

Improve visitor engagement – increase sales & conversions

Take advantage of the proactive chat triggers and send the right message based on the pages visitors are viewing. Improve visitor engagement with personalized experience and make more conversions.

  • Proactive chat triggers
  • Recommend personalized products using product finder
  • Exit cart reminder notifications
Proactive chat triggers

Plans start from just $49/month


increased conversion rate


better engagement


support tickets reduction

What do our customers say?

We switched from Tawk to RoundView after seeing a demo. Its self-service portal enabled our customers to resolve their common issues by themselves. We have reduced hiring agents by 50%.

Compare RoundView and Features


Proactive chat triggers to engage visitors

Ominchannel integration

Self-service helpdesk


Automated resolution for 70% of customer issues

Live chat + agent routing

Order status tracking

Automated returns and exchange process

Dedicated customer success manager

Product finder

Upselling and cross-selling triggers

Connect agents with departments

Macros and rules

Multistore management

SMS and WhatsApp support

Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce integration

All-in-one inbox

Cart abandonment reminder

1 on 1 onboarding




















Several Limitations of Made Companies Migrate to RoundView

Worst Review
Worst Review
Worst Review

Frequently asked questions

Allow us to answer your basic questions

1. Is RoundView a chatbot or a customer support tool?

RoundView is a combination of a chatbot and an automated customer support tool. You get the best of both worlds.

2. How many questions can I automate via RoundView?

You can automate up to 70% of common post-sales questions such as “where is my order?”, returns, exchanges, claims, etc., reduce ticket volume and save support agents time.

3. Should the customer repeat the question to the agent?

Not needed. RoundView provides a holistic dashboard that offers a single view of the customer with details such as the last query, previously purchased items, total lifetime value, etc.

4. How easy is the integration process?

RoundView comes with built-in APIs for Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and other e-commerce sites. You can integrate with your store effortlessly.

5. How is the billing process?

You will be billed every month based on the plans you choose and you can cancel the subscription anytime. Contact our representative for more information.

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