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Our Happy Customers

What customers really think of conversational support


Customers say that live chat or conversational support increases their confidence in a brand.


Customers think chatbot conversations help in resolving customer service difficulties


Revenue increase is seen by chatbot’s upselling and cross-selling activities


We’ve embraced RoundView conversational support as a way to provide more personalized, efficient and responsive customer service — We are happy that we made our customers feel better served.

Customer Support Manager, uBoxes

Automate conversations to increase customer retention & loyalty

Automate answers to 50% of customer questions

Tried answering repeated customer questions? Our customer support platform enables you to create automated answers with high accuracy while putting less strain on your team.

Automate 70% of customer questions

Process the return request without a hassle

Allow customers to manage returns and exchanges easily. Let them select the reason and resolve their problem swiftly.

Faster order returns/exchanges management

Learn more about the benefits of conversational support today

Let customers know where their order is

Allow customers to get their order status in a few seconds using their order id or email address. Keep them updated and assured.

Order Status in Seconds

Increase the efficiency of support teams

Analyze the importance of the customer issues, set rules, and automatically route them to the relevant agent or team.

Route complex questions to
the right agents

Manage all conversations in one place

Use our all-in-one inbox to manage all of your customer service channel conversations, such as email, chat, and social media, in one place.

Manage all conversations in one place

Convert customer support into a profit center

Use your agents in customer service to have meaningful conversations with your customers, such as upselling and cross-selling to generate new orders.

Update Delivery Address

Easily integrates with all of your business tools

Integrate RoundView to a plethora of tools and platforms in under 5 minutes

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You are not on your own. We’ll be there for you at every step, from migration to implementation and beyond.

We take care of your entire migration cost from contract buyout to set up worth $1000

Frequently asked questions:

1. What does RoundView conversational support entail?

RoundView is a chatbot, helpdesk, and live chat all rolled into one. Customers can instantly type/select their questions on the chatbot or helpdesk to get an answer or contact support agents via live chat.

2. How many questions can I automate via RoundView?

You can reduce ticket volume and save agents time by automating up to 50% of common support questions such as “where is my order?”, returns, exchanges, claims, and so on.

3. What happens if the chatbot or help desk is unable to provide an answer?

The complaint will automatically be routed to the live agents, who can provide instant assistance.

4. How easy is the integration process?

RoundView includes connectors for the Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce platforms, as well as CRM tools. It integrates quickly and easily with no data loss.

5. How much does RoundView cost? Is there any free plan?

RoundView costs $99/month. There is a free plan that can be used for 30 days. RoundView offers more features and customizations and is a better alternative to its primary competitors like Zendesk, Intercom, Gorgias, etc.

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