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March 12, 2023 | Posted by: Naveen M

Jeff Bezos once stated that there are many ways to center a business, but obsessive customer focus is by far the most protective of Day 1 vitality.

Amazon has been playing the customer-centric card since its inception and remains the game’s leader.

An e-commerce store built around the customer’s needs and building strong relationships will eventually aid in business growth. The support you provide before and after sales is vital for retention and brand loyalty.

89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience.

To accomplish this, you’ll need a more robust and cutting-edge customer support tool that assists customers 24/7 while they browse your website and also allows them to quickly get responses to their support inquiries.

Today, customer support tools like RoundView and Gorgias assist in handling customer support questions. However, RoundView is a better bet if you’re keen on providing faster support and converting more traffic into customers.

This blog will help you make better decisions by dissecting the key differences between RoundView and Gorgias.

The Need to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Today’s companies face the challenge of delivering exceptional customer experiences while staying cost-efficient and profitable.

While traditional customer experience focused primarily on efficiency and speed, the pandemic shifted attention towards personalization, creativity, and being proactive with customers.

By utilizing modern tools such as artificial intelligence and automation technology, companies can save time, and resources and make customer support more efficient & profitable than ever.

Today, 69% of customers prefer self-service to solve an issue or a complaint rather than speaking to a customer service agent.

As a result, a good customer support tool should be adaptable, scalable, feature-rich, reduce customer service costs, help with conversions, and be reasonably priced.

RoundView is a versatile customer support tool that enables you to:

  • Proactively engage with your website visitors and convert them into customers
  • Resolve your customer issues quickly with automated rules

Unlike other customer support tools, RoundView assists your customers in pre-sales and post-sales scenarios, thereby increasing conversion rates and customer retention.

RoundView offers several features such as:

  • Proactive chat triggers to increase conversions
  • Exit-intent triggers to reduce bounce rates
  • Product page triggers to increase engagement
  • Product finder tool to recommend personalized products
  • One-click order status tracking
  • Self-service returns and exchanges
  • Automated answers for 50% of customer questions
  • Single inbox to manage email, live chat, and social media support

In simple words, RoundView delights your customers with super-fast service and turns one-time shoppers into repeated loyal customers.

Disadvantages of Gorgias

With Gorgias, you get a tool only for customer support, not for increasing conversion rates or sales. Moreover, it faces the following criticisms:

  • Best features are only available on expensive plans
  • Difficulty in finding older tickets
  • Social media integration
  • Dashboard glitches
  • Slow connection
  • Limited features
  • Unclear reporting and analytics
  • Boring UI

Most importantly,

Visitor Tracking and Chatbot

Despite claiming to be a top customer support platform for eCommerce, Gorgias does not fulfill all of the needs necessary to make a successful eCommerce business.

Why Should E-Commerce Companies Choose RoundView?

RoundView is ideated and built to meet the needs of e-commerce businesses. It assists customers in pre-sales by using proactive triggers, and with post-sales by answering questions about the shipment, transaction, returns, exchanges, and so on.

6 Key Reasons To Choose RoundView

Proactive Chat Triggers

Proactive chat triggers are widely used to track visitors’ website behaviors and send automated messages to increase engagement. For example, if a customer is on the homepage, you can send a message such as “Hey, what are they looking for?” or, highlight trending products or an ongoing sale. If a customer is on the product page, you can display the available offers for the product. If a customer is on the cart page, you can encourage them to complete the transaction by sending social proof notifications. If your customers abandon their cart items, you can send cart reminder alerts and additional discounts to persuade them to complete the transaction.

Product Finder

If your website sells various products with varying features and specifications, the product finder feature can assist customers in selecting the right products. To avoid returns, exchanges, and customer dissatisfaction, customers will be guided through a series of steps that will force them to narrow down their desired product to the right size and specifications.

Unlimited Users

Other competitors used to charge per agent, and user interaction was limited based on the plans. RoundView provides greater value by allowing for unlimited user interaction. Furthermore, unlike Gorgias, not every customer question is treated as a ticket. The system automatically assesses the severity of the problem and assigns it a ticket. Moreover, the agents can manage all customer service channels in a single dashboard, such as phone, email, SMS, and Facebook. It saves them time and energy.

Unlimited Agents

Companies can use the helpdesk to create workflows for exchanges, returns, payment-related questions, order tracking, changing shipping addresses, and so on. Customers can select the issue they want to resolve and then follow the path designed by the companies to resolve the issues on their own. If the problem is complex, the helpdesk automatically routes the query to the appropriate agent and assists in resolving it as soon as possible. It allows companies to create an unlimited number of agents in order to make the best use of the helpdesk.

Dedicated Account Manager

One of the most common complaints with many customer support product vendors is a need for more assistance in creating workflows. At RoundView, we take customer support very seriously. You will be assigned a dedicated customer success manager who will be your ally from the beginning. We will become a part of your company from the beginning.

Affordable Pricing

The value that RoundView provides is one of the primary reasons e-commerce companies are migrating to it. You get a lot of features for a low price. The features assist you in increasing conversion rates as well as improving your customer service experience. It also includes built-in connectors for easily integrating with platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. The migration process is also quick and painless.

Featurewise Comparison: RoundView vs.Gorgias


Proactive triggers to engage visitors

Personalized product recommendation

Product finder

Cart abandonment reminder

Upselling and cross-selling triggers

Personalized offers for repeat customers

Unlimited tickets

Full onboarding support

Dedicated success manager

$99 per month
inclusive of all features








Capped at 2000 / month

Lite onboarding


$300 per month
+$36 / 100 tickets


The primary selling point of Gorgias is its deep integration with Shopify stores, which enables agents to view, edit, or modify orders without switching tabs. This saves time and allows businesses to quickly resolve tickets. Besides, macros/canned responses allow agents to quickly respond to customer questions with predefined answers/rules.

The main problem with Gorgias is its price; the feature-rich plan costs $300 per month plus $36 for an additional 100 tickets.

However, for $99 per month, RoundView offers the same level of support features as Gorgias in addition to a few conversion-focused triggers.

As a result, if you need a tool specifically for your eCommerce store, RoundView is the way to go.

With RoundView, our team will work with you from the ground up to create the right customer resolution workflows and customized dashboards, allowing you to provide excellent service to your customers.

Furthermore, we handle the entire migration process to ensure that no data is lost. It’s time to join the ranks of the top e-commerce companies that have made the switch to RoundView.

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