How Interactive Content Drives To A Greater ABM Success – An Overview

June 26, 2021 | Posted by: Sundar

ABM or Account-Based Marketing is thriving every day and is involving more writers in it. There is a dire need for compelling writers in this industry who can write promotional materials and persuasive marketing. ABM or Account-Based Marketing’s ultimate goal is to structure the marketing efforts to drive the most revenue. Expert copywriters need to write interactive content to engage them and to help make crucial decisions. This is how ABM can thrive and expand through content marketing and copywriting.

Content plays a pivotal role in narrating the personalized solutions to customers, mainly developed to focus their efforts on high-value accounts to obtain maximum returns. Account-Based Marketing strives to increase customer satisfaction by custom-made experiences according to the user.

Account-Based Marketing and Interactive Content – Get Started To Achieve Maximum Output

When Account-based marketing and interactive content blend, it starts working your way to grand success. Account-based marketing requires that marketing and sales engage each person on the buying team in a personalized way. Besides that, it is inherently known that customers would engage and be more enthusiastically interested in curated content just for them.

Having said that, let’s quickly look at how you can use interactive content to advance your Account-based marketing strategy.

Data Collection

It is vital to know which of your leads have a higher value, and data can help you conclude, and interactive content will help you get that. If you are wondering how to go about the interactive content, here are some of the traditional ways:

  • Quizzes
  • Calculators
  • Assessments
  • Surveys

All of it helps you in getting some crucial personalized results. Use those inputs to devise your marketing strategy and to accelerate your ABM process. The latest survey done by Sales Funnel suggests that 86% of marketers think predictive analytics is the focal point of account-based marketing success.


The most widely used term in recent times is Personalization. When ABM starts incorporating Personalization in its approach, you are about to build trust and brand image through strong bonding with your customers. The best way to personalize it with interactive content. Interactive content aims to offer user-friendly yet customized suggestions and answers based on each user. After identifying the target accounts, you can use interactive content like quizzes to personalize your users’ experiences.

Customer Education

Sharing the knowledge with your users is a considerable step in transforming them into paying customers. On the flipside, Account-Based Marketing concentrates on giving the key accounts with a well-rounded experience. Well, educate them on their interests, needs, or about your services too. Again, this is accomplishable through quizzes, calculators, and so on, as mentioned above.

Manifest a Better Brand Image

Interactive content is apt for any stage in the funnel. Content plays a prominent role in all the stages, starting from Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Using appropriate content provides your key accounts the sense that you are associated with them. And the fact you are a firm that educates itself about its audience. The most common trend is surveys and chatbots to get feedback and a great way to retain customers too.

Final Thoughts

Account-Based Marketing has the potential to maximize customer satisfaction and triple your profits by focusing on high-value accounts. By applying the ABM strategy of using interactive content, start working wonders on your accounts and quickly meet your targets. For more information, get in touch with our expert team, who would be happy for a free 45 mins discussion.



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