11 reasons your Shopify store needs a chatbot

September 22, 2022 | Posted by: Naveen M

Online shopping has become common today. It is convenient, quick, and easy to use. Today, many e-commerce companies are starting to expand their online businesses.

One of the most well-known e-commerce platforms used by companies is Shopify. It helps companies to advertise and sell their goods both online and offline by using subscription-based services.

Shopify is extremely popular for the following reasons:

1. The initial setup costs are minimal.

2. The UI is simple to use and accessible.

3. Comes with customizable templates.

4. Businesses can add new products, receive payments, and ship orders.

5. Provides secure site hosting.

6. Comes with an in-built marketing platform

7. Can easily create Facebook and Google shopping campaigns.

8. Provides a POS (Point-of-Sale) system where buyers can browse online and pick up their order in the store, and vice versa.

9. Offers comprehensive statistics and insights on website visitors and products.

The one thing it doesn’t provide, though, is chatbots. Although there are a few chatbot plug-ins and apps in the Shopify app store, they are not refined and cannot fulfill your business objectives.

In this blog, we will highlight why your Shopify site requires a chatbot.

The growing popularity of chatbots

The growing popularity of chatbots

Customers prefer conversational features on Shopify sites. It is because conversational technologies are rapidly expanding and people are actively using them every day.

People use SMS messages and social media platforms to communicate with their friends, family, and colleagues every day. It allows for more personal communication and the interaction fosters strong bonds.

Chatbots are easy-to-use conversational tools that may be added to Shopify sites. The setup is incredibly straightforward, and your customers will have no trouble communicating with them.

Chatbots enable you to provide customer support for your Shopify store without the use of a live person. Furthermore, by answering your customer’s common product-related questions, chatbots save time and effort for your customers and staff.

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular because:

  • It provides your customers with 24-hour support.
  • Make it simple for your customers to get information.
  • Automate tasks such as order tracking, return processes, and so on.
  • Reduces the need for more support agents.
  • Help in collecting customer feedback.

By 2023, 112% of e-commerce transactions are expected to happen via chatbots. It’s high time you implement them into your Shopify stores, and we have 11 compelling reasons why.

11 reasons why Shopify stores need a chatbot

1. Welcome customers

With the help of chatbots, greet visitors to your eCommerce store in the same way you would at your physical store. A simple “Hi, How can I help you today?” message can instantly establish a bond with your customers and lead to a two-way conversational shopping journey.

2. Showcase your best sellers & trending products

Chatbots can display images and descriptions of your Shopify products. This will allow customers to see the products more clearly and quickly. Furthermore, you may show them your best-selling and trending items and easily convey information about them.

3. Speed up product search

Shopify sites are frequently utilized by businesses that sell a large variety of items with widely varying specifications. With the help of chatbots, you can effortlessly guide customers to the products they are looking for and help them learn more swiftly.

4. Offer coupon codes and personalized discounts

Shopify chatbots aid in the execution of promotional campaigns via automated chats. These campaigns can be split into many ways for different audiences. You can offer coupon codes to new and returning customers, as well as additional savings to those who abandon their carts.

5. 24/7 support

Customers nowadays expect 24/7 support. Almost half of all online buyers prefer to have a live person answer their questions while browsing a website. However, using a real person to answer each customer’s question is extremely difficult. AI-powered chatbots can now replicate human interactions, precisely answer customer questions, and route only hard questions to live agents. This way, your customers receive the best of both worlds.

24/7 support

6. Exit-intent chat triggers to reduce drop-offs

Exit intent triggers are included in chatbots like RoundView to reduce drop-off and boost customer engagement. It is an excellent feature for a Shopify site. When the chatbot detects that customers are leaving the website without taking any action, it prompts them to ask them if they had any problems while exploring the site and connects them with live agents who can provide specialized assistance.

7. Show order status

Shopify chatbots can be used to show order status and answer post-sale customer questions. This can be done in a fraction of a second by connecting with your CRM software and adding your frequently asked question articles.

8. Collect customer information

Shopify chatbots have customized forms that allow you to capture and segment customer information through chats. You can utilize the data to provide a more personalized shopping experience as well as perform targeted ad campaigns.

9. Increase customer’s average spend

When returning customers visit your site, the Shopify chatbot can suggest similar or commonly purchased items and reward them with special offers and discounts. This aids in the creation of upsells and cross-sells, hence raising the average spend of your customers.

10. Manage returns and exchanges

Shopify chatbots make it simple to manage returns and exchanges. Suppose a customer wishes to return or exchange an item. In that case, they can use the chatbot to select the returning item and receive an immediate resolution in the form of a return or a refund. This greatly improves the post-sale customer experience.

11. Measure customer satisfaction & site performance

When visitors leave your site without performing the necessary action, you may use chatbots such as RoundView to get immediate feedback from them and assist your CRO teams in optimizing the website for better engagement and higher conversions.


A conversational element on websites will make the customer journey more interactive and engaging. Chatbots are the finest examples of that and it is the most effective way to start with.

With the above-mentioned benefits, you can engage your Shopify store visitors better and drive more conversions.

If you would like to learn more about chatbots, or want to see a live demo of their features and functionalities, schedule a free demo with our chatbot experts. We are happy to help and would like to learn more about you too.

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