How to Identify and Fix the Top Revenue Killers on an E-commerce Website

A revenue killer is a phenomenon, typically an operational or technical flaw, that hampers the profitability of an e-commerce site. Businesses lose thousands of dollars each year due to revenue killers. They are the common mistakes and oversights on their ecommerce platforms.

If you are someone who is experiencing,

  • Low engagement on the product pages
  • High bounce rates on the checkout pages, and
  • Average conversion rates,

This webinar offers the opportunity to learn directly from our industry-leading e-commerce specialists, who will delve into vital topics, including,

Identifying ‘Revenue Killers’: Learn how to recognize the signs of a problematic website driving your customers away.

Busting Myths About Connectivity and Design: Understand why a visually attractive site doesn’t always equate to sales.

Maximizing User Experience: Get expert insights into creating a user-friendly, streamlined shopping experience.

Leveraging Analytics: See real-world examples of how data can help you identify and fix issues.

Implementing Fixes: Show you how to promptly address and resolve these issues to maintain a seamlessly running e-commerce website.

This webinar is designed to help online business owners, digital marketers, and e-commerce managers like you improve their revenue by uncovering and addressing the most common issues that affect income on e-commerce websites.

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Innovating Success Through E-commerce Excellence

What will you learn?

Key Discussion Topics:

  • What are e-commerce revenue killers
  • How revenue killers affect performance and profitability
  • How to identify revenue killers
  • How to fix top revenue killers
  • Case studies and examples of successful e-commerce websites

The Webinar Will Be Useful For:

  • E-commerce Business Owners
  • CEOs & CMOs
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • SEO Executives
  • And everyone else interested in learning about new aspects of online business

Webinar Complementaries

  • Interactive Session with the Speakers
  • 30-minute On-demand Meeting with the Speakers
  • Complimentary eCommerce Website Evaluation and Enhancement Suggestions

Featured Speakers

Satish Kumar

Sathish Kumar Mariappan
AI Expert & Product Founder, RoundView

Sathish is the mastermind behind the development of cutting-edge AI chatbots and video tools. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, his expertise is unparalleled. His passion for innovation and dedication to creating user-friendly technologies have brought many of our company’s products to life.

Colin Boddy

Colin Boddy
E-commerce Specialist, TheCommerceShop

Colin Boddy is an accomplished specialist in e-commerce. His vast experience in the role of a development architect emphasizes his commitment to building durable business infrastructures that provide enduring advantages. The businesses which have benefited from his expertise have seen growth amounting to more than $2 billion.

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