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Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than non-customer-centric companies.

However, in the rush to adapt to the fast-changing eCommerce landscape, outrun the competition, and make things easy, many companies forget to build personal and meaningful relationships with their customers – that is crucial for building brand loyalty and business growth.

In our upcoming webinar, you will learn how to add the “human element” to your eCommerce website, build strong digital relationships with your customers, engage customers with conversations throughout their journey, and generate more sales and increase brand loyalty.

With the holiday season fast approaching, this webinar will help you make more eCommerce sales as you will learn how to create memorable and lasting experiences through technology.

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Key points that’ll be discussed:

  • The pandemic and the faster digital adoption
  • Why do customers fail to make purchases
  • Why CARE and EMPATHY matters the most in the eCommerce business
  • How to make personal relationships with customers on the website
  • How conversational selling increases brand loyalty and eCommerce sales

Who’ll benefit by attending this webinar:

  • Ecommerce store owners
  • Ecommerce marketers
  • Ecommerce business strategists
  • Ecommerce entrepreneurs
  • And, everyone who appreciates a human touch on their websites

Featured Speakers

Leverage the pro tips and hands-on lessons from the industry experts who have years of experience in the e-commerce space

Steven Russell

Steven Russell
Sales Specialist, RoundView

Steven is a top-performing sales entrepreneur who combines his management, sales, and leadership expertise to deliver substantial revenue growth in highly competitive eCommerce business markets.

Satish Kumar

Sathish Kumar
Co-Founder & Solutions Architect, RoundView

Sathish has 15+ years of experience in the eCommerce space and has been the brain behind several highly successful conversion maximization tools. He creatively analyses the data metrics to identify the best personalization solutions to increase website conversions.

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