E-Commerce Masterclass: How to Convert Undecided Buyers into Customers

Despite all marketing efforts, the average e-commerce conversion rate still stands at 2.86%.

Studies reveal that 97% of first-time e-commerce website visitors leave without making a purchase and 84% of these visitors never add anything to the cart. They browse idly and leave the site without adding anything to the cart and the scenario is known as “Browse Abandonment.”

Undecided buyers, window shoppers, and customers who are in the early stages of their buying journey contribute to the browse abandonment scenarios.

In this exclusive webinar “E-Commerce Masterclass: How to Convert Undecided Buyers into Customers,” trusted experts and thought leaders in the E-commerce industry join a fireside chat to discuss the psychology of undecided buyers, reasons for browse abandonment, and how to get undecided buyers interest in a matter of seconds and convert them into paying customers.

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Key points that’ll be discussed:

  • Things that are happening in the e-commerce landscape today
  • Challenges in increasing e-commerce sales
  • The most common types of undecided buyers and their psychology
  • Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques that target undecided buyers
  • How to transform your e-commerce site to woo Millennials and Gen Z

Who’ll benefit by attending this webinar:

  • E-commerce entrepreneurs
  • Online merchandisers
  • E-commerce marketers
  • E-commerce marketing strategists
  • E-commerce business development executives

Meet the speakers

Leverage the pro tips and hands-on lessons from the industry experts who have years of experience in the e-commerce space

Satish Kumar

Sathish Kumar
Personalization Wiz & Solutions Architect, RoundView

Sathish has 15+ years of experience in the e-commerce space and has been the brain behind several highly successful conversion maximization tools. Being a personalization wizard, he creatively analyses the data metrics to identify the best solutions to implement the right personalized marketing strategies and increase website conversions.

Steven Russell

Steven Russell
Sales Specialist, RoundView

Steven Russell is a top-performing sales entrepreneur who combines his management, sales, and leadership expertise to deliver substantial revenue growth in highly competitive e-commerce business markets. He has strong expertise in driving e-commerce growth through strategic planning, customer satisfaction, solid leadership, and problem-solving skills.

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