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SMS and WhatsApp marketing are fast-growing business channels today. E-Commerce companies should leverage it because…

SMS messages have a 98% open rate compared to 20% of emails

40% more often consumers convert if they receive SMS marketing messages

45-60% of customers click and convert after receiving a WhatsApp message

With RoundView SMS and WhatsApp Marketing Solution, Our Customers See


SMS open rates & 55% CTR


Higher sales and revenue



Target your SMS opt-in customers with relevant messages and convert them faster

Solutions Offered

Automate two-way SMS & WhatsApp customer service

Create easy workflows and engage your SMS opt-in contacts with targeted messages.

Answer their questions or service requests and provide faster customer service.

Automate Two-Way SMS Conversations

Recommend personalized products

Use two-way automated text conversations to help your customers find their desired products.

Provide a personalized shopping experience and deliver a rich customer experience.

Recommend Personalized Products

Share coupon codes & location-based offers

Share redeemable coupon codes, reward points, and location-based offers to your customers via SMS or WhatsApp.

Influence them to purchase the products quickly.

Send Redeemable Coupon Codes or Location-Based Offers

Build perfect SMS and WhatsApp marketing solution for your eCommerce now

Send cart abandoned reminder messages

Send SMS or WhatsApp alerts to customers who have abandoned their cart items.

Provide an offer or a discount and influence them to purchase the items soon.

Abandoned Cart Reminder Messages

Answer your retail store customer questions via SMS

Reach your retail store’s SMS opt-in customers via SMS or WhatsApp.

Answer their questions, show that you care, improve customer happiness index, and increase average order value.

Answer your retail store customer questions via SMS

Share knowledge base articles with customers

Share useful knowledge base articles with your customers.

Acquaint them with right information about your product and company and make them choose you rather than your competitors.

Conversational Customer Support


SMS open rates


SMS click-thru-rate


Increased sales and revenue


“RoundView SMS and WhatsApp messaging tool has become an essential part of our marketing strategy. The conversion rate and ROI is higher than all other digital channels. Strongly recommended!”

Jane Andrew
SVP Digital and E-Commerce, Pet 360


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  • Automated customer service
  • Product recommendation
  • Sharing coupon codes
  • Cart abandonment reminder
  • Sharing knowledge base articles
  • Resolve customer service tickets

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