Earlier, sales and customer support are considered different parts of the business process. The sales team’s job is to acquire new customers and the customer support team is responsible for solving customer problems and reducing churn.

But today, we see much data showing how customer service makes a significant impact on sales because,

  • Both teams work towards creating a positive customer experience.
  • Both are responsible for building customer relationships.
  • They get to hear customer pains & offer solutions.
  • They educate customers about the product.
  • Both are customer-focused roles and shape the perception of the company.

Therefore, sales and customer support co-exist in growing the business. And, considering the value generated by customer service and support, it can no longer be viewed as a “cost center.”

In this guide, you will learn about the conversion opportunities present in customer support and get ideas to convert it into an efficient sales channel.

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Sneak peek at the chapters:

1. The growing expectations of modern customers

2. Importance of sales and customer support alignment

3. List of 12 conversion opportunities present in customer support

4. How to convert your customer support into a profit center