Cart abandonment is still a “real” problem for most eCommerce companies because the existing solutions such as cart abandonment emails, push notifications, exit-intent popups, AdWords retargeting are not entirely effective and successful.

To reduce the cart abandonment rate and win back lost sales, you need a tool like a conversational chatbot on your website.

It acts as a 24/7 cart assistant on your eCommerce site. Answers your customers’ common checkout-related questions such as stock availability, shipping details, taxes, payment options, etc. Prevents your customers from abandoning the cart items by offering a personalized discount or free shipping.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What makes conversational chatbot a better alternative to other cart recovery solutions
  • The need for eCommerce companies to make real-time conversations with their customers during the checkout process
  • 10 step plan to reduce cart abandonment with a conversational chatbot
  • Chat conversation templates to understand the conversation flow
  • What makes RoundView different from other conversational chatbots

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With conversational chatbots, you can recover 35% of abandoned carts quickly.