Most businesses now use customer support only to resolve customer complaints – the majority of them are related to post-sales, where customers may have encountered problems with the shipment, product fit, refunds, etc.

However, big brands like Apple, Amazon, and Tesla strive to provide support to customers, right from their prospecting stage to create a positive customer experience and drive more sales.

In this ebook, 35 ideas to boost sales and conversions using customer support, you will learn:

  • How to provide exceptional customer service while simultaneously developing a unique approach for making sales and conversions.
  • Tools that can empower your customer support staff to make real-time conversations with your customers.
  • How to have a healthy balance of tech and humans in customer service and enhance the overall experience.

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PS: This eBook will help you enhance your conversion rates, sales, and revenue. Furthermore, you will no longer consider customer support to be a cost center.