Case Study

How this SaaS-based access management company leveraged RoundView to see a 200% increase in account engagement

About the client

Our client offers on-demand access management software services to hundreds of companies with 25,000+ employees. Their on-demand software services include the development, licensing, and maintenance of access management tools fully customized to meet unique business needs. This patented access management software allows organizations to use centralized login solutions on a monthly, bi-annually, or quarterly subscription basis. Employees across different teams including both front liners as well as admins can use this single login access software to handle organization data securely and efficiently. Designated admin consoles let the leadership teams upgrade, downgrade, modify or restrict the user access from anywhere at any time.

Key Highlights


Increase in account engagement rate


Increase in new subscriptions


Increase in annual net revenue

The challenge

With over 1200 customers across the globe, the biggest challenge addressed by our client was to stay ahead of the competition curve. In the midst of software giants offering similar SaaS-based tools, driving targeted engagement to outperform the peers was no mean feat. Their immediate business goal was to drive aggressive growth and expansion. The company’s business development team approached RoundView, the numero uno ABM platform to create a unique account-based marketing strategy for them.

The challenge

Their business goals included –

  • Driving global pipeline growth
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building huge audiences across all channels
  • Tracking engagement metrics at the account level
  • Measuring overall sales performance as well as individual sales rep’s capabilities
  • Empowering teams with appropriate data to nurture lead generation.


Here’s how the RoundView ABM team helped the customer unleash the fullest benefits of their account-based marketing efforts:

  • RoundView helped the client overcome the challenges in tracking account engagement data, enriching them, and making it accessible to all the team players with a single place view.
  • With RoundView, the client was able to consolidate account data, analyze behavior, and draw actionable insights to define the next-best account engagement steps.
  • The client was empowered with homegrown tools and KPI-enabled data visualizations to measure trends within each target account and predict revenue growth.
  • The sales and revenue teams were provided with all that they needed to optimize their sales pipeline, trigger sales plays with high-priority accounts.
  • Our client leveraged automation to set up automated actions and sales interactions by integrating foolproof marketing calendars with buyer accounts that matter the most.
  • The RoundView ABM platform has a full suite of account-based marketing applications that helped the client foster account engagement at every stage of the customer journey with a full-funnel ABM program.
  • RoundView enabled the client to identify at-risk accounts and launch thoughtfully designed customer retention campaigns to increase lifetime customer engagement.
  • With enriched account engagement data from the RoundView ABM tool, the client created specialized advocacy campaigns that enticed happy and loyal customers to become their brand ambassadors.


The collaboration with RoundView benefitted the SaaS-based access management firm in multiple ways. With a 201% increase in the account engagement rate, the company witnessed astronomical growth in all aspects. RoundView helped the client exceed their KPIs and meet 46% more new bi-annual subscriptions in the first quarter. The overall revenue surged up to 58%. Wondering how RoundView pulled this off? Looking forward to similar growth in your business? It’s just a click away. Talk to our ABM experts and schedule a free consultation on how to put ABM tools to work for you.

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