Case Study

How A Hats Manufacturing Company Converted 264% Of New Clients in the First Quarter

Client’s Profile:

Our client is a leading manufacturer of specialty Hats in the US. With a solid record of manufacturing more than ten million Hats over the years, the client is regarded highly in the USA as its products are sourced for some of the cult Hollywood movies.

For 45 long years, they have been manufacturing trendy hats with premium quality fabrics and hold an immense reputation in the country for production and exporting.


The Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at the Hat manufacturing company got in touch with the RoundView marketing team and expressed their intention to win more clients in the first quarter. They had done their homework and were well-informed of our Website Visitor Tracking tool and its benefits. Since their in-house team lacked the experience to take it forward, they approached us.

The challenge

The challenge

The Hat manufacturing company’s ‘Partner With Us’ web page draws an immense amount of organic traffic – to capitalize on the online traffic and turn visitors into clients, they needed a state-of-the-art Website Visitor Tracking solution. Besides winning new clients who can take their products to all corners of the earth, they wanted their website to deliver enhanced shopping and store experience too.

The manufacturer aimed at capitalizing the Website Visitor Tracking tool on the marketing front to ensure new clients are getting added to compete and sustain in the market. Our role here was to track the website visitors and convert them into potential leads by collecting the data.

Our Findings & Recommendations:

Our mission was to provide more clients by the end of the first quarter for the Hats manufacturer. So, our experts started from the primary analysis like the number of visitors arriving on the site, PPC outcomes, ROI, and more. Besides that, we also recommended how to identify ready-to-buy sales leads and build better sales pitches. We also told them to go after content prospects are interested and use it in their pitches. Our most significant recommendation beyond the software was to anticipate their needs before ever speaking to them.

Our Approach:

We prepared a whole list of things that needs to be done :

  • Turn the website traffic into real company names
  • Unveil the precise behavior of the visitor(s) visiting the website
  • Identify remote workers with RoundView’s unique database of static and dynamic IP’s
  • Remove unwanted companies from the list.
  • Apply filters based on business requirements to track high-quality leads.
  • Prepare contact information of the potential clients
  • Provide insights to drive more potential traffic to websites

Our experts also provided the client with insights on design customizations that should be included in the website’s functioning. All of these efforts helped us in conveying everything without any loss and driving more traffic to the website as well.

Impact On Client’s Business:

Primarily for all B2B companies, phone calls can often make up most of a site’s conversions. Because phone calls are instrumental to tracking ROI and provide valuable data – Website Visitor Tracking offers the visitor information to target the right people.

But, not all of our clients take the benefit of tracking the visitor details.

Here is a complete picture of how many leads were generated from the website:


increased online leads


last flow of the highest number of leads


potential leads generated for the website


All efforts started to unfold the mystery surrounding traffic that was getting driven to the website. Our client is super satisfied. Also, the client well-received our suggestions, and the best responsive design with a compelling new look was out in place. The website started to drive more quality traffic.

All the errors and risks that occur during the testing phase were taken care of with extra effort. Our client has the best responsive design with a compelling new look and flow of leads to keep the teams busy.

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