6 Unique Marketing Benefits of Website Visitor Tracking Tools

July 7, 2021 | Posted by: Naveen M

With online sales picking up at a fast pace in recent times, brands are paying more attention to websites. Being able to list on the top of the search engine results and driving high organic traffic is been the top priority for all marketers. But, many times there is a blindside.

  • Your efforts bring traffic
  • Visitors are researching your website
  • Most of them bounce off without leaving traces
  • Your lead generation process takes a hit

You begin to question, what went wrong, and then…

  • You revisit your marketing strategies.
  • You begin to optimize your website and landing pages (again) with better CRO techniques
  • You start running another campaign.
  • You run it across channels – email, display ads, social media, cold calls, etc.,
  • And, at the end of the campaign, you may have seen some improvement in the performance, and if you were lucky, you got two or three additional leads.

Finally, you begin to ask the same question. “What went wrong?”

B2B marketers should stop thinking about the ‘spray and pray’ model

You cast the net and pull out soon and puzzle why there is no fish. Marketing is not fish hunting. It is a way of genuinely helping people who are in need of solutions for their problems. The spray and pray model no longer gets people’s interest. It is fundamentally due to two reasons:

1. Everyone does it

2. It is not customer-specific

So you must be able to identify, attract, engage, and convert with highly targeted and focused campaigns. This is where website visitor tracking tools can help you the most.

Website Visitor Tracking Tool

Website Visitor Tracking – Marketers magic door for generating leads

1. Increase Marketing Productivity

Your website traffic consists of searches through organic clicks, outbound marketing, and your competitor’s clicks too. Being able to identify who they are, where they are from, and filter out irrelevant traffic and segment the visitors of high value is a big boon for marketers. It makes the marketing team agile and target potential customers swiftly.

2. Craft Personalized Customer Journey

Studies say companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. One of the best ways to nurture leads is through personalization. By personalization, it doesn’t mean segmenting them into a group and targeting with slightly relevant content. It means 1:1 personalization. Website visitor tracker tools provide you the contact details of key decision-makers of organizations and you can target them with individualized campaigns and nurture better.

3. Build Strong Relationships

Any potential customer would want to know more about you before choosing you. And the finest way to convince them is by getting them into a conversation. With the verified business information provided by website visitor tracking tools, you can make your sales team contact them straight away and start a sales pitch. This makes the sales cycle faster and also enhances the relationship with both the customer and between sales and marketing teams.

4. Real-Time Performance Management

Real-time performance management is something any marketer would want. The comprehensive dashboard of website tracking software offers detailed analytics of your campaign performance such as the journey of the visitor, the content that triggered engagement, the spot the visitor lost interest, and many more that helps marketers to make tweaks and capture more leads.

5. Better Customer Management and Retention

Typically, potential customers get attracted to brands that offer well-managed personalized journeys. In simple words, they like to see the relevance, right content, and perfect buying preferences. Website visitor tracking software empowers marketers to strategize customer acquisition and retention.

6. Reach Customers Faster Than Your Competitors

In the scattered marketing conditions, to be able to cut through the noise and get customers to convert is a daunting task. Website visitor tracking tools give you the most wanted competitive advantage i.e. the moment potential customers reach your site, you can reach out to them before your competitors and with the right pitch and deal, you can convert them fast.

If you like to know more about website visitor tracking tools and the way it empowers marketers, download the insightful free ebook here – A beginners guide to website visitor tracking to reach and engage your audience

Can website visitor tracking software be integrated into all websites?

The simple answer is yes. The software serves by installing a scripting language on your website and directly collect the website visitor data and then unveils the identity of the visitor and the companies they belong to.

It is as simple as it sounds. Start a free trial of RoundView advanced website visitor tracking software today. Your small step now can change the direction of your marketing efforts.




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