Super Intelligent Chatbot Built Exclusively To Increase Conversions

Amaze Visitors With Personalized First Interaction

When visitors come to your site, RoundView chatbot immediately recognizes where they are from using IP and quick survey techniques and begins a personalized conversation based on their needs. Further, it is programmed to perform human-like interactions to build a strong relationship and automates the lead qualification process based on their response.

Amaze Visitors With Personalized First Interaction

Create Unparalleled Personalized Journey

By leveraging powerful AI capabilities, RoundView chatbot software captures visitors’ previous interactions and interests at lightning speed, and creates a personalized journey to move them down the funnel. The omnichannel capabilities of RoundView chatbot can also help deliver a personalized journey on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

Create Unparalleled Personalized Journey

Automated Lead Management and Nurturing

RoundView Platform can be easily integrated with your existing CRM and it can automate the lead nurturing process based on the inputs you provide. This helps to manage your leads better. Further, the unified dashboard offers a single view of the customers for your marketing and sales teams and enables them to work more efficiently.

Traffic Intelligence

Higher SQLs and Faster Conversions

Provide 24/7 engagement and enable buyers to schedule meetings with your sales reps at the tap of a button. As an added convenience, the in-built calendar option further allows them to book meetings with a specific sales representative at a specific time.

Higher SQLs and Faster Conversions

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RoundView Conversation Bot - Key Features

RoundView Conversation Bot - Key Features

RoundView Chatbot Platform Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions


Is RoundView an AI chatbot?

Yes. RoundView comes with advanced AI capabilities and that is why it can deliver a personalized experience right from the moment when a visitor steps into your website.


Does it offer a free chatbot builder?

No. Currently, we do not have that feature.


Online live chat vs. RoundView chatbot

Live chat services generally operate with human support agents. The problems with them are many such as slow response time due to multiple customers coming online at the same time, unavailability during non-business hours, high customer support package rates, and more. RoundView chatbot is designed as a fully functional conversational marketing, customer engagement, and customer support platform that rules out the need for human support agents to the maximum extent possible.


Can RoundView chatbot be implemented for all businesses?

Yes. Whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, it is perfect for all shapes and sizes.


Is it a chatbot for website?

We have rolled out the website version currently. It will be integrated with other messaging platforms


Is it a conversation bot?



How much does RoundView chatbot cost?

Prices for RoundView chatbot start at $49. But for more details on plans, we recommend you to contact our team.


Is it an open-source chatbot?



“Constant Flow of Qualified Leads into Our Sales Pipeline”

We tried many chatbots to increase sales leads and conversions but RoundView outperformed everything. The moment visitors enter our site, it begins a personalized conversation and sets a unique journey right away. Our sales pipeline was never out of leads.

Nash Ogden
The Commerce Shop

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