The Need for RoundView Conversation Acceleration Platform

With the rise of chatbots and other conversational interfaces such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, etc., customers are finding the right answers or solutions in a matter of seconds. However, the same is not with the websites.

Most websites and landing pages are still present in a conventional way with a huge quantity of texts, images, icons, and links – making the buyer experience hard and time-consuming. RoundView conversation acceleration platform simplifies the buying experience using conversations and enables your customers to make faster purchases.

RoundView Conversation Acceleration Platform – How it works?

RoundView Conversation Acceleration Platform – 
How it works?

See how you can make conversations with your customers the moment they arrive on your site

Grow sales with Conversational Commerce

Get closer to your customers to close the sale. RoundView conversation acceleration platform provides an unparalleled opportunity for brands to strike contextual conversations with customers the moment they land on their site, build personalized experiences, nurture at every step of their journey, move them through the funnel faster, and convert into paying customers.

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Generate high-quality leads

Increase conversions with Conversational Marketing

Your go-to-market teams have only one common goal i.e. to increase conversions and generate more revenue. RoundView conversation acceleration platform helps your marketing teams to identify who is on your site, enables you to create a personalized journey for key decision-makers, and helps make contextual sales conversations to close deals faster.

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Engage target accounts
switch to Account Based Marketing

“With RoundView, we were able to showcase the right product to the right customer at the right time. It greatly helped increase our conversion.”

Steve Madden
CMO, Webbuildy

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