Case Study

E-commerce chatbot uplifted conversions by 30% for an organic chocolate brand

Client’s Profile:

The client is a renowned organic chocolate manufacturer and seller based in Texas, USA. They are into the business for several years and their minimally processed cacao yields a low glycemic index and is loved by consumers who prefer chocolates with low sugar content.

The situation:

The client has been associated with RoundView’s parent company for many years. They were looking for new ways to improve their website visitor engagement and conversion rates. Since they run their business to a niche market, they spend a lot of money on marketing their products. However, they see high website bounce rates, low customer engagement, and average conversion rates.

The situation

The pressing need:

The client did a lot of revamping to their website. They purchased a new theme and gave it a contemporary look. They added attractive images. They put out clear and precise content. They made their site easy to navigate. However, the conversion rate did not reach the point where they expected. They were looking for a new solution that can engage their customers better.

Visitor Tracking and Chatbot

Importantly, they wanted a tool that can provide the right and useful information about their products and influence customers purchase decision

They were in a situation where they have to immediately address the following problems.

1. Increase customer engagement

2. Reduce bounce rate

3. Increase conversion rate

Solution offered:

The RoundView team offered the solution of having a chatbot on their website. Chatbots have the potential to engage visitors from start to finish. Statistics show that a 67% average sales increase was witnessed by business leaders using chatbots.

Our chatbot team explained to them that today customers are more demanding than ever, and to keep up, chatbots have so much to offer. With chatbots, they can nudge and nurture potential customers based on the pages they are viewing and convert them into paying customers.

They were given a live demo on a few use cases:

  • For example, if customers are on the homepage, they can use chatbots to send welcome messages and show best-sellers or trending items.
  • If the customers are on the product page, they can use chatbots to help customers choose the right products using product quizzes.
  • If the customers are on the pricing page, they can use chatbots to share special offers and also answer their order and delivery-related questions.
  • If the customers exit the cart page, they can use chatbots to send cart reminder alerts and prevent cart abandonment.

The client immediately realized that when chatbots are utilized to their fullest potential, they can increase conversion rates.

With the assistance of our chatbot development team, they installed it on their website.


After installing the chatbot on their website, they saw many visitors interacting with it. They had questions about the product, ingredients, cost, shipping, return policies, etc. With the chatbot, they got an immediate response. Their objections and uncertainties are cleared instantly. Moreover, they were able to help their customers outside of their business hours too. They were able to get the following results in four months and the client is very satisfied.


Reduction in customers dropping-off


Increase in collecting customer contact information (leads)


Increase in conversion rate

Bottom line:

60% of customers will leave your site if they can’t find what they were looking for in the first place. Chatbots can help them find the right products quickly.

By assisting customers from the moment they enter your site until they leave, you create a retail store-like experience on e-commerce, build relationships and trust, and convert them into paying customers.

The RoundView e-commerce chatbot is built specifically for improving customer engagement and conversion rates. If you like to learn more about it, schedule a free demo with our chatbot experts.

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